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7 Reasons to Leave Photography to the Professionals

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7 Reasons to Leave Photography to the Professionals

Owning a DSLR used to be the mark of a professional photographer. But as cameras become cheaper and affordable, owning a DSLR is now a common trend. Even without a state-of-the-art camera, many today are able to capture pictures of decent quality using their smartphones alone. I’m sure everyone has at least one friend who’s a photography enthusiast. Why then, despite the prevalence and affordability of cameras, do we still hire a professional photographers?

1. Create a great first impression!

Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple have such loyal customers although their products are not the best in the industry? The secret is this: a reputation and impression of excellence. A professional photographer can provide crisp, clean, and enticing product images, which gives your website the aura of professionalism you need to stand out of the crowd. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. One site has great, appealing product images and another looks like they were taken with a cell phone. Which store will you patronize?

Excellent photography is one of the easiest way to set the tone for your business. It shows your customer that you are committed to quality.

2. Increase the value of your business and product

Product photography by professionals can be costly, and may be one of the larger expenditure of your online store. However, the alternative is using amateur photographs, which are blatantly easy to spot, and gives off a very cheap, low-quality impression for your business.

Hiring a professional for product photography is beyond artistic niceties. It cements your business with a superior marketing strategy, creates a brand story, and improves the perceived quality of your product.

3. Increase in sales

One of the greatest barrier to an online purchase is the trustworthiness of a site. Though many people shop online these days, people are more likely to buy from sites which look reliable and professionally managed.

A professionally shot product range increases your reliability in the eyes of visitors to your site. It sends a message that you are serious about your goods and that you care about the user experience. Are they more likely to buy from a site that has cheap looking product photos or one put in much more effort into the finer details? A professional portfolio of your brand products can mean the difference between success and failure of your business.

4. They are excellent investments

Professional photos go a long way. It helps to save the hassle of retaking photos, saving time, effort and money. Many small and medium business owners are very reluctant to invest on professional photos, because they do not realise the value of a beautifully taken shot. Don’t be one of them!

Tangible results such as improvement in sales may not be seen immediately, but the key to all good investments is that they pay good dividends in the future. Time is required for your brand value to grow, and starting with professional photographs for your business portrays a consistent story for the highest quality in your products. Significant improvements to your business’s bottom line will be seen then!

5. Highest quality images

As professionals have their own portfolios, their photos will naturally be of the highest quality a professional can offer, so as to maintain their reputation. All images are carefully retouched with photo-editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom to ensure that the exposure, colours and sharpness are polished to the highest standards. Nothing allows you to outshine your competitors better than a set of coherent and professionally-taken photographs of your business.

6. Save Time

Have you tried taking photos for your own businesses before? Without the adequate know-how, it can be extremely time wasting and the wasted time can be better used on your part to develop other segments of your business. Outsourcing the job to a professional frees up your time, gives you better photos, and allow you to be more focused with your business (than photography, which is not your field of expertise).

7. Value supersede costs

As with most creative industries, photography is an art, and it takes mastery of the craft to produce something good. An amateur can spend a whole day trying to take a decent shot while a professional can produce something beyond the amateur’s wildest dreams in mere minutes. The costs of a photographer is not the amount of time spent or the fancy gear that he uses. Indeed, the technicalities – the gear, light, angles, space etc. – of photography are irrelevant for the business owner. The true value of a photographer is to produce a set of images that can rouse the emotions of your target audience, to build a desire; a lust, for your product. It is difficult to put a price tag to such a creative service!


Without a doubt, it definitely costs more to hire a professional photographer compared to taking it on your own, or asking a friend to help you with it. However, as I’ve explained, the value that professional photographers give go beyond costs. The professionally-taken and edited photographs can be seen as an arm of your marketing strategy: they build brand awareness, reflect your general business philosophy, and show your commitment to product quality. As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. Hiring a professional photographer would be one of the best decisions you can make for your business today!

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