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Types of food photography

Types of food photography

Types of food photography

In today’s world of media, photos of food can be seen everywhere. On TV commercials showcasing the latest products offered by a restaurant or a chain, on social media posts providing promotions, on YouTube videos doing reviews or food shows hosted by celebrities to the menu that you see before ordering your next meal. The types of food photography are diverse but they fall into 3 distinct types. We will run through with you the three types of food photography methods so that you can have a clearer understanding of the differences and decide what kind you need for your next food photography shoot.


As you do your rounds at the nearby supermarket, take a look at that delightful looking bar of chocolate neatly shown on the front of that KitKat bar, or the luscious plump tomatoes on the top of that canned tomato soup. It’s as if you can see every nut, or every sliced tomato and garnish with intricate detail. A clean, evenly lit, mouth watering money shot of the product is the aim of a product shoot. They aim to convey the words of the product to the client, e.g. Creamy, Thick, Rich or Meaty so that they entice you to bring them back home to try them out. Aesthetics is key in today’s customer’s purchasing deciding factor and as such having a good food packaging photo shoot is key to the product’s sales.


Ever wondered why that McSpicy (Or the recent Nasi Lemak Burger) on the menu at any MacDonald’s outlet looks so tantalising? This is the purpose of food photography for advertising. The photos taken under this category are not just used for ads but also for menus, brochures and even social media. Because the main outcome of the shoot is is to show the detail of the food and display it in the beset possible light, requirements for photography settings can be tough, especially the need to take a photo of the product at it’s best, which can require a lot of setup just for a single shot. For most photographers, advertising can be the most challenging and expensive type of shoot depending on the client’s desired outcome.


Food photographs for editorials are used in magazines, recipe books, YouTube thumbnails and other media. They are meant to support and bring out the printed word (or video). Food Photography for editorials tend to be less bound by requirements and hence allow more room for creativity. They are not bound by marketing/brand concepts and have one main purpose: to make the food look beautiful.

Social Media

With the hockey stick growth of social media and it’s effectiveness as a marketing platform, the need for food photography in social media has increased. With manufacturers, retailers and even marketers & influencers using various degrees of food photography to promote their products, it is one of the largest growing forms of food photography. Food photography for social media can be diverse, allowing for room for creativity in editorials. The goals of social media food photography photos are to spread awareness and entice users to purchase their food/visit their stores.

At Digital Negative, we are a Singapore based photo studio providing a range of professional shoots for food photography that span packaging, advertising and editorials. If you need more help understanding the types of photography and what you need, you can email us at admin@digitalnegative.co.

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