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Preparing for a food photography shoot

Food photographer that tells a story

Preparing for a food photography shoot

So you’re thinking of doing up a series of photos for your latest addition to your menu and you’re looking to entice your customers to head down and try your latest offering. However you’re unsure what to expect from a shoot and how you are able to ensure that the photos capture your audience’s palate and make them salivate.

Don’t fret, we’ve got the top tips to ensure that your photography shoot ends up a success!

1. Bring the right ingredients:
Always do up the recipe for the dishes and do a shopping run before the shoot. This ensures that you do not forget any key ingredients for the shoot and also that you get the freshest ingredients as these affect the outcome of the shoot.

2. Bring enough ingredients:
Always bring enough ingredients for at least 2-3 replications of the same dish. Depending on the type and difficulty of the shoot you might have to bring more but always liaise with your photographer prior to the shoot.

3. Props
Props are essential in bringing out the best of your food. Styling the photo relies not only on the dish itself but its surroundings as well. Although props aren’t the focus of the shot, they accentuate, complement and bring attention to the hero of the photo – your dish. Your photographer will work with you to style and create the photo that you desire, so do let them know if you do have certain props that you’d like included!

We’re all about getting the money shots that will evoke the emotions and send the message that you’d like to bring across to your clients. Stay tuned to our blog over the next few weeks as we’ll be covering the professional insider essentials on how to do a good photography shoot (just as how we do it over at Digital Negative, heh)!

And rest assured – we’ll be clueing you in to the tricks of the trade – after all, we’re a Singapore photography studio with plenty of experience in professional food photography – you’re in good hands. For more enquiries on our food photography services guaranteed to tantalise even before being sold on the smells, contact us here!

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