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How to prepare for a portrait photography shoot


How to prepare for a portrait photography shoot

Portraits are an important part of human history and it is a type of photo that we recommend everyone trying it out at least once in their lives (That shot your photographer took during your wedding isn’t counted here guys). However, Portrait photography can be challenging and getting the right image to portray the person can take hours. Not getting the right shot and constant shoots can tire out a subject and that can affect the final shot.

Don’t fret! We at Digital Negative are here today to give you some tips on how to ace that upcoming portrait photography shoot and how to come out looking as glamorous as you already are.

1. Know what type of portrait you are looking for

There are many kinds of portraits, ranging from posed portraits, formal portraits, environmental portraits, full body, upper body portraits and of course group and couple portraits. Each of these portraits have different requirements to shine. For example, an environmental portrait focuses on the relation of the subject with his surrounding environment and the relationship is more dominant than a posed portrait shot or a formal portrait shot. Knowing what type of portrait shot you are looking for helps with preparing what things are needed and they do help you get a better shot.

2. Sleep well

Portrait photography is the art of taking a close up shot of your face. Having the extra drink or not having enough sleep affects the way you look and thus affects the way your shot is going to turn out. Having enough rest before the shoot is key to ensuring that your face turns out good and fresh and not haggard.

3. Dress up

Looking good is key to a good portrait photography shoot. Once you know what kind of portrait you are looking for, ensuring that you’re dressed appropriately for the shoot is next. If you’re going for a professional/formal portrait shot, having that classic look on you is something that can seldom go wrong. If you are a guy, do consider suiting up. And if you’re a lady, a good blend of colours that aren’t too bold or contrasting should do the job, for example: blue and beige. A jacket does help pull of that professional look too! If you’re up for a casual photography shoot, wear something that fits the theme or something you’re comfortable in will be fine. Smart casual is usually the way to go.

4. Listen to your photographer

Your photographer is the one looking through the lens and ultimately has the most experience when it comes to shoots. Do listen to their feedback as a photoshoot is still a teamwork between you and your photographer and it is key to making you shine and stand out.

Now that you’ve read our tips, you’re now ready for the next stage: getting you that stunning portrait photography that you can use for multiple occasions (including your Facebook profile). Here at Digital Negative, we are a Singapore Photography Studio that can help you take that portrait shot you always wanted.

Portrait photography is one of our main specialisations and we are keen to bring out the best in your photos. You can check out our arrays of portfolios hereContact us today to see how we can help you with your photography needs!

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